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Carbery Championship Programme 2020   03/07/2020


We have exactly ten weeks to run off our Junior A & B Football and Hurling Championships in the Carbery Division.

The Bandon Co-Op Junior A Football Championship will have six rounds taking six weekends,with all games being played to a conclusion on the day bar the final if possible. C.C.C. decided that the original Championship with the 20 Teams would be run off in the Junior A Football Championship and this is starting on Saturday 25th July.

TheR.C.M Tarmacadam  Junior A Hurling Championship as originally scheduled would have taken seven rounds to finish, seven weekends which was not practical or realistic. Accordingly the C.C.C. has decided a slight change to this Championship which would cut it to five rounds.

In order to meet the deadlines for County Board the dates of all the Fixtures must be strictly adhered to taking into consideration the County Boards Programme of Championship Fixtures. In line with County Board and our Carbery Championship Regulations 2020 all Championship Fixtures must be concluded on the day up to Semi-Final stage.

The following shall be played in all Games that end in a Draw:

1 period of Extra-Time- 10 minutes per Half.

1 period of Extra-Time- 5 minutes per half

5 penalties to be taken, if still level penalties to be taken by the same 5 penalty takers until a result is got.

The C.C.C.decided that League Fixtures can be played on Weekending Friday 17th July (Hurling) Saturday July 18th (Hurling or Football)Sunday 19th July (Football) no permission will be granted for Challenge Games for the 17th/18th & 19th July. 

All other Championships will proceed as planned at the beginning of the season.

It is hoped to complete the Clóna Milk Under 21 Championships at all levels in October and November.

Bandon Co-Op Junior A Football Championship (20 Teams) .

Arigideen Rangers,Ballinascarthy,Bandon, Barryroe, Carbery Rangers, Castlehaven, Clann na nGael,Clonakilty, Dohenys, Diarmuid O Mathuna, Kilbrittain, Kilmacabea, Kilmeen, Muintir Bhaire, O’ Donovan Rossa, St Colums, St James, St Marys, St Oliver Plunketts,Tadgh Mac Carthagh.

Round 1: 10 games Extra-Time  

Saturday 25th July

St Colums v Kilbrittain, Dunmanway at 7pm

St Mary's v Diarmuid O Mathuas, Bandon at 7pm.

St Oliver Plunketts v Muintir Bhaire, Skibbereen, at 7pm.

Kilmeen v Tadgh Mac Carthaigh, Leap, at 7pm.

Sunday 26th July

Clann na nGael v Dohenys, Rossmore, at  7pm

Castlehaven v Argideen Rangers, Ardfield, at 7pm  

Kilmacabea v Bandon, Ahiohill, at 7pm.

Clonakilty v St.James, Rosscarbery, at 7pm.

Ballinascarthy v Barryroe, Kilbrittain, at 7pm

O Donovan Rossa v Carbery Rangers, Aughaville, at 7pm.

Round 2: 10 teams- 5 games (Loser’s Round) w/e August 7th-9th where feasible/ w/e August 14th-16th

Loser A v Loser B

Loser C v Loser D

Loser v Loser F

Loser G v Loser H

Loser I v Loser J

Round 3: 15 Teams – (10 Round 1 + 5 Round 2 Winners) = 7 Games + 1 Bye (Round 1 Winner) w/e Aug 28th- 30th where feasible w/e 4th-6th September

Quarter-Finals:w/e 11th-13th September.

Semi-Finals : w/e 18th-20th September

Final:w/e 25th-27th September

R.C.M Tarmacadam Junior A Hurling Championship (11 Teams) New Draw extra time in all games

Ballinascarthy, Bandon, Clonakilty, Diarmuid O Mathunas, Dohenys, Kilbree, Newcestown, St.Colums, St.James, St.Mary’s, St. Oliver Plunketts

(Round 1)

Saturday 1st August

(C) : Clonakilty v Diarmuid O Mathunas, Ahiohill, at 7pm

Sunday 2nd August

(A) :Newcestown v St.Mary’s, Bandon at 7pm.

(B) : St.Oliver Plunketts v St.James, Clonakilty at 7pm.

(D): Ballinascarty v Dohenys, Enniskeane, at 3.30pm.

(E) : Bandon v St.Colums, Castletoenkennigh, at 7pm.

(F) Kilbree (BYE)

Round 2: 2 games (Losers Rd) w/e 7th-9th August

(1) Kilbree v Loser’s A

(2) Loser’s B v Loser’s C

(3) Loser’s D v Loser’s E

If Kilbree lose they will play one of the Loser’s from (2) or (3) ( to be Drawn)

Quarter-Finals:8 Teams = 4 Games w/e 21st-23 rd August where feasible w/e 28th/30th August

Semi-Finals: 4 Teams = 2 Games w/e 28th-30th August w/e 11th-13th September

Final: 2 Teams =1 Game T.B.C.

Bandon Co-Op Junior B Football Championship: (5 Teams) Extra-Time

Bantry Blues, Goleen,Ilen Rovers, Newcestown, Randal Óg.

26th July 

Round 1: 

(A) : Newcestown v Randal Óg, Enniskeane at 7pm

(B) : Ilen Rovers v Bantry Blues, Durrus, at 7pm.

(C) Goleen Bye

Round 2A – 3 teams (Loser’s Group)

Bye v (A) w/e 7th/9th August 14th/16th August @time t.b.c.

Round 2 B Bye v ----------------------------------------------

Round 2B only applies if the bye team loses in Round 2A which in that case the bye team plays the loser of B in Round1.

Semi-Finals (4Teams –2 games) w/e 14th-16th August /w/e 4th-6th September

R.C.M Tarmacadam Junior B Hurling Championship: (6 Teams) Extra-Time

Bantry Blues, Barryroe, Gabriel Rangers, Kilbrittain, O Donovan Rossa, Randal Óg

Round 1: 

1st August

(C):  O Donovan Rossa v Randal Óg, Ardfield, at 7pm

2nd August

(A) : Kilbrittain v Gabriel Rangers, Skibbereen, 7pm

(B) : Bantry Blues v Barryroe, Rossmore, at 3.30pm

Round 2 A: 1 Game(Loser’s Round) w/e 7th-9th August.

___A____ v __B__

_______C BYE__

Round 2B: I Game (Loser Round) Winner Av B versus Loser’s C w/e 21st-23rd August

SEMI- FINALS: ----------------------- v -----------------------------

------------------------ v -------------------------------

FINAL: --------------------------------